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Fulfilling the RCOG Recommendation: “Where episiotomy is indicated, the mediolateral technique is recommended with careful attention to ensure that the angle is 60 degrees away from the midline when the perineum is distended.”


EPISCISSORS-60™ have a unique patented form and design. They have a guide-limb that points towards the anus and is in the vertical plane. The scissors blades constantly maintain a 60 degree angle from the guide-limb. The flexible nature of the guide accommodates the spherical distention at crowning.


Why is OASIS important?

Obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) or 3rd/4th degree tears are a serious complication of childbirth that can lead to anal incontinence (AI). AI can have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life and is perceived as a social stigma. Due to these childbirth related injuries, women are 9 times more likely to develop AI compared to men.

How common is OASIS?

According to the latest Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists report, the incidence of OASIS is 5.9%[1]. In countries where midline episiotomy is practiced, the incidence of OASIS is upto 20%.

How much does OASIS cost?

In the NHS, the total cost is estimated to be £1,625 per case.

It costs £225 per case in consumables alone for repair.

Theatre costs= £1200 (consolidated)

£200 in postoperative follow-up (scan + outpatient appointment)

Additional costs include:

Increased re-admission rates for wound breakdown and sepsis

25% of women need caesarean section in next pregnancy.

Fecal Incontinence costs:

20 repair= £1289 (poor success rates)

Sacral nerve stimulation=£10,000 (NICE recommends this)

Annual costs for pads, medical consultations, drugs=£2542

Cost saving of £88 per incontinence episode averted in patients with limited mobility and care needs

What is the evidence for EPISCISSORS-60™?

Four clinical studies have been done using the EPISCISSORS-60 showing episiotomy suture angles between 40-52 degrees [6-8]. The suture angle will depend on how distended the perineum is when the episiotomy is given. The more distended the perineum, the lesser the post-delivery angle.

A 2-centre UK study has shown a 20% reduction in OASIS due to adoption of the EPISCISSORS-60™ [van Roon 2015].


Watch the EPISCISSORS-60™ product video Here.

For more information see www.medinvent.co.uk