AGH is dedicated to identifying and promoting new products which bring improvements in health assessment and monitoring, with improved ease of use and straightforward interpretation of results. Consequently reducing costs in health care, and enabling a more diverse skill level access to health screening. We are based in the UK, but our distribution network extends around the world, with particularly strong partners in South America, especially Brazil and Argentina.
As a young and versatile company, we are constantly researching new products and accessories, which will be added to our portfolio, and the same can be said for our partner companies, who are working on exciting additions and improvements, as the underlying science and technology advances at an ever increasing pace.


A rapid, non-invasive test that aids in the detection of ROM in pregnant women with signs and symptoms suggestive of the condition. It provides an easy-to-interpret, accurate, and timely diagnosis that enables clinicians to take opportune measures to prevent complications.

Diagnosing Rupture Of fetal Membranes (ROM) is of critical importance for the clinician. An accurate diagnosis of ROM at any term during pregnancy is crucial to timely and proper treatment and to determine the need for prompt hospitalization… Read More

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The EPISCISSORS-60™ are the first scissors ever designed and patented to fulfil the RCOG recommendation to cut the episiotomy at the 60 degrees to the midline at crowning.

“Where episiotomy is indicated, the mediolateral technique is recommended, with careful attention to ensure that the angle is 60 degrees away from the midline when the perineum is distended”…. Read More



CardioTrace device is designed for use by the health professional, alternative practitioner or the individual, it can be used in the home, work place or leisure centre to show users how exercise, diet, dietary supplements and lifestyle can change the stiffness/elasticity of their arteries.

CardioTrace non-invasively and quickly identifies the speed at which the heart beat propagates throughout the body and compares the result to a database of fit and healthy individuals from all ages and ethnicities.  … Read More