Accurately diagnosing premature rupture of fetal membranes (PROM) is of critical importance for a clinician. An accurate diagnosis of ROM at any term during pregnancy is crucial to timely and proper treatment and to determine the need for prompt hospitalization. Failure to identify patients with ROM can result in a delay or inability to implement salutary obstetric measures. Conversely, a false positive diagnosis of ROM can lead to inappropriate or untimely interventions such as hospitalization or induction of labor.

The AmniSure ROM Test is a rapid, non-invasive immunoassay that aids clinicians with the diagnosis of ROM in pregnant women with signs and symptoms suggestive of the condition. According to published data it is ~99% accurate.

An Introduction to the AmniSure Test

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The Importance of Diagnosing Rupture of Membranes (ROM)

Failing to detect ROM quickly and correctly can result in delayed treatment and serious complications on the other hand misdiagnosis can result in unnecessary admissions and treatments. A number of key facts exist reflecting the importance of diagnosing ROM accurately. Learn More.



Published Literature

Since the release of the AmniSure test a significant quantity of published literature has been produced.

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How To Use The AmniSure Test

AmniSure is a swab only test which produces results within 5 minutes.

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Tips For Using the AmniSure Test

Unlike previous tests AmniSure can be used in a number of scenarios which were previously not possible.

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Cost Effectiveness of the AmniSure Test

With accuracy of 99% test the AmniSure test allows for vastly improved management of admissions and treatments.

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