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Cozy Cub

Weight range


Weighted boundary that provides proprioceptive feedback.

The Cozy Cub is a flexible boundary filled with silky micro discs that nestle up to the baby to provide firm but adaptable support. It can be used alone when visualisation of the baby is needed or in conjunction with other positioning aids. The size is easily adjustable using the unique loop at the end.


  • A wipeable, reusable boundary

  • Available in 2 sizes:

    • Small Size: 40″ long

    • Large Size: 48″ long

  • Packaged with a disposable cover (replacement cotton covers and disposable covers available)

  • Filled with small, silky micro discs

  • Provides containment while allowing full visualization, making it ideal for ECMO, cardiac, jaundiced or post-surgical infants

  • Not tested for MRI, however, materials are non-conductive

  • Allows immediate access to the infant in emergencies

  • Easily adapts for use with medical equipment

  • Provides calming flexion during transport

cozy cub and dandle wrap stretch in use
cozy cub in use


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