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Free from

Latex, plasticiser & DEHP

Respiratory Support Accessory

Designed to reduce risk of pressure sores in young patients, the ChinStrap provides a soft, comfortable way to help hold the mouth closed and reduce mouth leak during respiratory support. The durable material and detachable hook tab strap allow clinicians to customise it to each child’s head size and shape.


Soft, breathable, NeoFoam® is gentle on delicate skin and helps wick away moisture 

Flexibile to allow minimal mouth movement 

Relieves pressure on ears and prevents folding over 

Split chin for comfort and stability 

Individually packaged 

Available in 7 sizes 

chin strap shown in 7 sizes
chin strap in use on baby

Literature and Resources

  • Product codes

  • IFU

  • Training video

  • Brochure

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