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About AGHealth

Our Core Values


 We aim to become the trusted advisor for both patients and users and hold ourselves accountable to our commitments to customers. We build strong communication networks both internally and externally and measure the robustness and depth of our relationships on our ability to challenge, be challenged and gain mutual commitment.



Every voice is valued equally. We aim to understand one another’s strengths and to help every individual to feel confident to speak without judgement.  We take the same approach with our customers and their patients, aiming to create materials that are accessible to all women, pregnant people, and healthcare professionals. 


We adopt a can-do attitude to remove barriers, solve problems and enable change. We are perceptive to change internally, in customer teams, the NHS and the market to enable proactivity and development of best practices.


We understand and can empathise with our customers’ needs through 1st hand experience, such that we can form true partnerships and tailor communications to the individual. We are confident in our position as industry and product experts – we ensure consistent credibility in all that we do and take an evidence-based approach to our selling & education.

Product Philosophy

AGHealth is highly selective over the products we choose to sell. AGHealth only works with products that we know can truly make a difference to clinician’s, patient’s, and children’s lives.

Our market leading products are supported by an extensive library of literature verifying their unique benefits. 

Our mission is to improve the standard of care for mothers and babies in the NHS by bringing to market truly differentiated products and ensuring their implementation alongside a gold standard protocol.

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