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dilipan dilators
Available on NHSSC

Gentle, effective, predictable cervical preparation for TOP
and fertility procedures.  

What is DILAPAN-S®?

How does it work?

DILAPAN-S ® is a synthetic osmotic cervical dilator made from patented Aquacryl® hydrogel which guarantees predictable action. DILAPAN-S is used for gentle cervical preparation for termination of pregnancy, embryo transfers, and induction of labour. It is recommended by NICE NG140 for surgical TOP and supported by an extensive library of literature 1-5.

DILAPAN-S is a mechanical dilator which increases in volume by absorbing fluid from the cervical tissue. As the dilators expand, they apply gentle pressure to the cervical wall over a 4-6 hour period. During expansion, it promotes softening of the cervix, causing collagen degradation and tissue restructuring. This enables atraumatic, predictable, and efficient dilation

dilapan absorbs fluid


Osmotic dehydration of cervix > 
softening and change in consistency of tissue

Designed specifically to dilate the cervix in three ways 

dilapan expands


Expanding dilators exert radial pressure against the wall of the cervical canal >

gradual dilatation of the cervix

dilapan supports natural hormone release


Continuous pressure stimulates the release of endogenous prostaglandins > effacement of the cervix

Key Benefits

High Efficacy

Favourable Safety Profile



Cost Effective

Fast Acting Cervical Dilation

graph showing faster cervical dilation with dilapan vs misoprostol

Cervical dilation over a 3-4 hour period 3

Literature and Resources


How is DILAPAN-S inserted?

Are the dilators used for TOP and ET the same?

What does the cervix look like after DILAPAN-S?

Who can insert DILAPAN-S?

Will the dilators fall out on their own or do they need to be removed?

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