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Cost and time effective non-pharma IOL with high maternal satisfaction.

What is DILAPAN-S®?

How does it work?

DILAPAN-S ® is a synthetic osmotic cervical dilator made from patented Aquacryl® hydrogel which guarantees predictable action. DILAPAN-S is used for cervical preparation during induction of labour, TOP, and embryo transfers. For IOL, DILAPAN-S has been shown to have a 80-87% first round success rate and a vaginal delivery rate of 63-81% with excellent patient satisfaction1,2,3.

DILAPAN-S is a mechanical dilator which increases in volume by absorbing fluid from the cervical tissue. A single dilator can expand up to 15 mm over a 12–24 hour period. 4-5 dilators are inserted to safely and sufficiently dilate the cervix. 

dilapan absorbing fluid


Osmotic dehydration of cervix > 
softening and change in consistency of tissue

Designed specifically to ripen the cervix in three ways 

dilapan expanding


Expanding dilators exert radial pressure against the wall of the cervical canal >

gradual dilatation of the cervix

dilapan releasing hormones


Continuous pressure stimulates the release of endogenous prostaglandins > effacement of the cervix

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

Time Saving

High Efficacy

Enhanced Safety

Superior Maternal Satisfaction

Healthcare Professionals Comments

"We’ve been using DILAPAN-S since 2018. I can’t remember ever having a hyperstimulation with DILAPAN-S that we needed to section – it is that safe. And for that reason we don’t need to monitor continuously, they don’t need multiple examinations, they request less pain relief, and they remain out of hospital as outpatients. It is by far one of the best tolerated methods for patients"

Dr Chineze Otigbah, Consultant Obstetrician

Literature and Resources


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