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A more accurate assessment to identify those truly at risk of preterm labour.

What is PartoSure®?

How does it work?

The PartoSure® test is a rapid, qualitative test for detecting the presence of placental alpha microglobulin 1 (PAMG-1) in cervicovaginal secretions in pregnant women with signs and symptoms of early preterm labour.

PartoSure detects the protein PAMG-1 . PAMG-1 is a placental protein found in high concentrations in the amniotic cavity, and low concentrations in normal vaginal discharge. Studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between a positive PAMG-1 test and imminent delivery in patients presenting with threatened PTL and intact membranes 1.

Accurately assessing the risk of preterm birth is a difficult diagnosis with significant implications. 

PartoSure gives you strength in your decision, helping you give timely appropriate care to those who need it, and avoid costly unnecessary admissions.

The simple 4-step procedure gives a clear result within minutes.

partoSure testing procedure
partosure test procedure

Key Benefits

Proven Excellent Accuracy

Cost Effective

Simple, painless, non-invasive procedure

Rapid Results

partosure cost savings table

PartoSure saves £114k+ and £100k+ p/a vs. ActimPartus and fFN respectively

in a non-tertiary hospital with 300 patients presenting with PTB symptoms annually 4

Literature and Resources


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Does the swab need to be rotated in the vagina?

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