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Proven efficacy as both
an adhesion barrier and haemostat with
up to 100% adhe
sion reduction 1.

What is 4DryField® PH?

How does it work?

4DryField® PH is the first CE certified Class III medical device which innovatively combines haemostasis with adhesion prevention. It can be used in a wide range of surgeries, but has been particularly well studied in gynaecology, minimising adhesions following abdomino-pelvic surgery.


4DryField PH is made of sterile hydrophilic microparticles, manufactured from highly purified potato starch. It contains no animal components, is biocompatible, absorbable, pyrogen-free, and hypoallergenic. There are no known side effects. 

In contrast to other starch-based haemostats which are typically reabsorbed after 2 days, 4DryField PH is reabsorbed after 7 days, meaning it remains in the body as a barrier until the mesothelial tissue has healed. This enables 4DryField PH to effectively prevent adhesion formation in addition to haemostasis.

As a powder haemostat

4DF gel barrier

4DryField PH is applied directly to area of bleeding and absorbs water from the blood. This increases the relative concentration of coagulation factors, resulting in safe and immediate haemostasis. Even with a 50% dilution of the blood, the coagulum induced by 4DryField PH shows excellent stability 2.

As a gel adhesion barrier

4DF powder haemostat

When saline solution is applied, 4DryField PH transforms into a viscous gel due to its molecular properties. This acts as a mechanical barrier, separating adjacent tissues, minimising the formation of fibrinous connections and creating optimal conditions for healing without adhesion formation. The gel barrier is absorbed by the body over 7 days, prolonging time for healing.

Around >93% of patients will develop postoperative adhesions following transperitoneal surgery 3.

Adhesions can cause chronic or recurrent pain, infertility, intestinal obstruction, dyspareunia, and transit disorders 4. Using an adhesion barrier can help reduce readmissions and decrease hospital stay, thereby reducing costs and staff workload 5,6,7.

negative pregnancy test

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

Extensively Researched with Proven Efficacy and Improved Outcomes

Excellent Safety Profile


Easy to Use

Adhesion Reduction Performance 1

4DryField cost analysis - 4df has the lowest upfront cost of any available adhesion barrier
4DryField cost analysis - 4df has the lowest upfront cost of any available adhesion barrier

Literature and Resources


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