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amnisure test kit and strip
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The only rapid, non-invasive PROM test that compares to the gold standard.

What is AmniSure®?

How does it work?

AmniSure® is a point-of-care one-step immunochromatographic assay which detects the placental alpha microglobulin-1 protein (PAMG-1) using specific monoclonal antibodies. AmniSure has been evaluated in more than 20 peer reviewed clinical studies and has been found to have a sensitivity of 98.9% and specificity of 100% 1.

With intact membranes, the background concentration of PAMG-1 in vaginal discharge is 0.05-0.22 ng/ml 2. PAMG-1 concentration is much higher in amniotic fluid (2,000-25,000 ng/ml) 1 regardless of gestational age. Therefore, any leakage of amniotic fluid due to a rupture will significantly increase the vaginal PAMG-1 concentrations. AmniSure has a sensitive threshold of 5 ng/ml, enabling the detection of even a miniscule amount of amniotic fluid leakage.

The risks of untreated PROM and the cost of an unnecessary admission are significant, and studies have found clinicians may be uncertain on PROM diagnosis in 47% of cases 3.

AmniSure’s proven reliable accuracy gives you confidence in your diagnosis, enabling timely and appropriate care with peace of mind.

The simple 4-step procedure gives a clear result within minutes.

Amnisure testing steps

Key Benefits

Highest Accuracy

Cost Effective

Enhanced Safety and Risk Management

Easy to Use


graph showing higher sensitivity and specificity of amnisure vs Actim PROM

AmniSure® vs ActimPROM:

Performance metrics in patients with unknown membrane status and vaginal bleeding 7

Literature and Resources


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