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Evidence-Based Solutions Supporting you and your Patients

from Maternity to Neonatal.

Live Webinar

Finding success with mechanical IOL methods
Friday 26th April at 12noon

Our Products

Dilapan dilators
AmniSure PROM test strip and vial
Young Mother Expecting
Lumella test Reader and Cartridge

Predictable, non-hormonal IOL with high satisfaction

Rapid, reliable
point-of-care ROM test

More accurate point-of-care preterm labour test 

Rapid point-of-care preeclampsia test 

4dryfield bottle
baby in dandlelion roo2
baby with neotech ram cannula with neobond flap
dilipan dilators before and after dilation

Adhesion barrier and haemostat

Neurodevelopmental positioning aids

Innovative NICU support items 

Predictable, non-hormonal cervical preparation 


The efficacy of our products is supported by an extensive library of literature, giving you confidence in your care.

Read the studies here.

Tailored Support

Your dedicated account manager provides consistent, personalised support tailored to your hospital’s needs and protocols.
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Product Experts

Our specialist team are experts in their field, ready to assist with all your product queries and train your staff to become confident users.


Ask us a question here.

Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

Effective and easy to use products that save you time and keep your patients safe. 

Our differentiated solutions span obstetrics, gynaecology & neonatal health and are tailored to help improve experiences of clinicians and patients in the NHS. Many of our products are designed by clinicians with ease of use in mind, without compromising efficacy.  


As part of our mission to help your hospital achieve your goals and realise even better outcomes, we commit to going beyond our products to provide in-person support throughout their implementation and beyond. We host exclusive events for you to share ideas with other healthcare professionals across the UK to improve each other’s practice, as well as develop your professional network. 

Foggy Forest

A sustainable and inclusive approach to healthcare. 

Our imperative is to provide high-quality care for women and pregnant people, with sustainability at the forefront of our approach. We make a concerted effort to ensure our patient resources are applicable to everyone, and in 2023 made steps towards our sustainability goals by officially becoming carbon neutral. Our principle is to do our best for the world we live in, including our patients and our planet, now and in the future. 

Your Colleagues Say

“85% of our hormonal induction patients needed to use regular pain relief. Compared with this, DILAPAN-S had a 70% drop in analgesia requirements. This improved our patient satisfaction to no end” 

Katie MacDonald, Midwifery sister 

3 NHS workers walking down hospital corridor

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