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hand holding dilipan

The natural choice
for a shorter,

more comfortable,
hormone-free induction.  

What is DILAPAN-S®?

How does it work?

DILAPAN-S® is a small dilator, a little bigger than a matchstick, which helps soften and open your cervix to prepare you for labour in a gentle and natural way. The dilators are inserted into your cervix and grow in size over 12 hours.


DILAPAN-S uses no drugs or artificial hormones allowing safer, predictable, and effective cervical dilation. Because DILAPAN-S does not contain any hormones, the risk of excessive contractions which can affect your baby’s safety is minimised. DILAPAN-S is also used for home inductions, so you may be able to leave the hospital while DILAPAN-S is in place.


The DILAPAN-S dilators are made of a firm gel which attracts water. They expand like a tampon in your cervix, gradually growing up to the width of your finger over 12-15 hours. The gentle pressure on your cervix also encourages your body to release natural hormones to further prepare you for labour. Usually a set of 4–5 dilators are used to ripen your cervix sufficiently and get you ready for your labour.

dilapan absorbing fluid

Absorbs Fluid

Temporary dehydration of cervix > 
ng and change in consistency of tissue

Helps prepare your body for labour in 3 ways

dilapan expands

Gently Expands

Expanding dilators exert radial pressure against the wall of your cervix >

gradual dilation of your cervix

dilapan releases natural hormones

Natural Hormone Release

Pressure stimulates the release of natural hormones > further dilation of your cervix

Key Benefits


Shorter Induction

Better Satisfaction

Enhanced Safety

Highly Effective

DILAPAN-S patients say....

Watch DILAPAN-S birth vlog videos made by DILAPAN-S patients.

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Ask your doctor or midwife at your next appointment if your hospital offers DILAPAN-S

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