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Free from

Latex, plasticiser & DEHP

Phototherapy Eye Shields

To protect babies’ eyes during phototherapy, NeoShades are made from soft, padded material with ocular pockets to maximise comfort. They feature a cool sunglasses design for an added bit of fun and are also useful to block out external stimuli for newborns.

The tabs use gentle NeoBond® hydrocolloid adhesive to attach to the baby’s temples, while minimising harm to delicate skin. The tabs are attached to the NeoShades using a low-noise hook fabric that allow for easy adjustment without disturbing the baby.

The optional head strap is made from soft, patented NeoFoam®, ideal for delicate skin. Its shape helps to prevent slipping, reduces head moulding and helps to reduce sweating. It is also easily adjustable to ensure a secure fit.


Ocular pockets 

Block out external stimuli 

Option of NeoBond® hydrocolloid tabs or NeoFoam®headstrap 

Designed to be gentle on delicate skin 

Individually packaged 

chin strap shown in 7 sizes
chin strap in use on baby

Literature and Resources

  • Product codes

  • IFU

  • Training video

  • Brochure

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