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Dandy Prone Pad

Weight range

<1000g - 4400g

Provides comfortable, flexed posture in the prone position.

The Dandy Prone Pad facilitates developmentally supportive prone positioning that closely mirrors the fetal flexed posture. With its hourglass shape and unique lower extremity supports (goalposts), the Prone Pad encourages the extremities into midline flexion and guides the knees and hips into proper alignment. With 5 sizes that fit easily into DandleLION positioning aids, it’s easy to find the right sized support for every patient.


  • Designed to gently support the head and trunk of an infant in a prone position while providing symmetrical flexion of the extremities

  • Comfortably accommodates babies with a wide variety of respiratory support interfaces and medical conditions 

  • Stays clean longer with water-resistant covers, available in washable, reusable cloth or disposable non-woven material 

  • Compatible with all Dandle•LION Positioning devices 



The Prone Pad is designed to support the infant from top of the cranium to the umbilicus. When selecting the correct size, start with a size that fits the baby’s weight: 

  • XS: <1000 g 

  • S: 1000-1800 g 

  • M: 1800-2500 g 

  • L: 2500 – 3600 g 

  • XL: 3600-4400 g 

Because a baby’s length does not always correlate with weight, before opening the Prone Pad bag, hold it next to the infant and assess the length of the Pad against the length of the infant from top of head to umbilicus. Using these “landmarks” to estimate fit helps ensure proper size selection. 

cozy cub and dandle wrap stretch in use
cozy cub in use


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