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Latex, plasticiser & DEHP

Endotracheal Tube Holder with Palate Protection

NeoBar offers the ideal balance between security and comfort for securing endotracheal tubes for babies. The 8 colour coded sizes ensure optimised fit and gentle tabs help to reduce need for potentially harmful tape on delicate skin. NeoBar is designed to protect the baby’s palate, enable better oral care, and reduce the chance of accidental extubation.


• NeoBond® hydrocolloid tabs care for delicate skin

• Eliminates need for tape near nose or mouth

• Individually packaged

• Available in 8 colour coded sizes

• Easily cut for emergency removal

chin strap shown in 7 sizes
chin strap in use on baby

Literature and Resources

  • Product codes

  • IFU

  • Training video

  • Brochure

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