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Using the NeoGrip for safer Kangaroo Care

Updated: Feb 22

Kangaroo care using the NeoGrip cable and tubing holder

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Kangaroo care provides numerous benefits for both the parents and baby, including improved physical health, emotional bonding, and overall well-being. By increasing awareness of the benefits of kangaroo care for new parents, it can act as a simple and effective way to support their baby’s physical and emotional development.

NeoGrip ensures that essential medical equipment, such as feeding tubes and monitoring cables, stay securely in place without dislodging or tangling during Kangaroo Care, supporting parents to be confident during skin-to-skin contact and maximise comfort. NeoGrips are designed to be easy to use and maintain the integrity of linen and clothing. Available in multiple colours to personalise for patients, colour-code per hospital needs, or simply brighten up the unit. They are ideal for use with ambulatory patients, kangaroo care, or in-home care settings.

Watch here to see how Coventry hospital uses the NeoGrip to support Kangaroo Care.

For the month of March 2024, we're offering a special promotion to support Kangaroo Care in your hospital. Any orders over £250 of neonatal products will receive a complimentary box of 10 NeoGrip, absolutely free.

Use code N602A10 on the purchase order to claim your free box.

Contact to place an order, or get in touch with us to learn more about the neonatal range at

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