A new breed of company, focused on delivering commercially viable solutions to improving world health; from innovative health screening techniques to expertise in projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions. With global programmes in place to help to identify life threatening conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, Advanced Global Health is beginning to attract attention from all over the world as there are now over 1 billion people who could be classified as obese and at significant risk

Early identification of potentially life threatening conditions, such as obesity has long been an objective from world health organisations, and with widespread acceptance that measurement of arterial stiffness can play an important part in this process, Advanced Global Health has become a global route to market for an innovative product to do just this, and attracting widespread acclaim.

Health and fitness is integral to the lifestyle of a large majority of Latin and South Americans, and we are hoping Hospitalar will act as a platform for us to launch iPulso to the population; allowing them to discover the benefits that patients around the world are already experiencing

CardioTrace, to be marketed under the iPulso brand in South America, non-invasively and quickly identifies the speed at which the heart beat propagates throughout the body and compares the result to a database of fit and healthy individuals from all ages and ethnicities. Where raised levels of arterial stiffness are identified, programmes aimed at reducing these figures kick into place and with the cooperation of the subject, health and lifestyle can be dramatically improved helping to reduce the debt and pressure on National Health care. Achieved painlessly and usually within 30 seconds, this software programme and finger clip can change lives; the result of intense research and product development over many continents. iPulso resides on the hard drive of any modern PC and offers the possibility for mass screening of populations at incredibly low cost, and with medically accepted accuracy and correlation.

This very same technology, licensed from a large American Health Care Company, has also been created to work via USB connection over the Internet, expanding the opportunities and boundaries even further. National Health screening actions, such as the BioBank programme in the UK have already examined over 150,000 people with this technology and individual medical records will continue to monitored for the next 30 years to improve the understanding of such invaluable data that can be taken from the body, non-invasively, and used to improve health care programmes and intervention where necessary. Stop by and experience this technology yourself, and decide whether you also share this insatiable desire to improve world health with advanced technologies.