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Dandle ROO Lite

Weight range

<1000g - 3600g

Allows 74% of phototherapy light to penetrate fabric

The Dandle ROO Lite, made from a lightweight cotton that allows 74% of phototherapy light to pass through one layer of material, helps to contain and console fussy newborns. Like the Dandle ROO2, the circumferential support contains the baby in a womb-like, flexed, midline position while providing proprioceptive feedback and allowing free movement and recoil.


  • Allows 74% of phototherapy light to penetrate through one layer of the soft, stretchy lightweight cotton fabric; 54% through 2 layers; and 44% through 3 layers

  • Provides hospitals with a high quality, cost-effective disposable made from cotton, not non-woven materials, that can also be gently laundered

  • Supports babies during admission, eye or hearing screens, on transport, during messy procedures, or anytime containment and comfort are needed

  • Meets all 5 Key Tenets of Neurodevelopmentally Supportive Positioning™

  • Provides support that is responsive to movement

  • Provides proprioceptive input via complete circumferential support

  • Supports midline alignment of the head, neck and extremities

  • Promotes hip flexion and a posterior pelvic tilt when used with the multi-purpose roll

  • Decreases motor stress and increases opportunities for self-comfort and sleep

  • Adapts for use with a wide range of medical conditions and equipment

cozy cub and dandle wrap stretch in use
cozy cub in use


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