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Dandle WRAP Stretch

Weight range

<1000g - 4500g

Dynamic swaddling for babies of all sizes

The Dandle WRAP Stretch allows infants of all ages and sizes to be securely contained in a womb-like, flexed, midline position that promotes calming and self-regulatory behaviours.


  • Allows freedom of movement and provides recoil to midline flexion, using a high performance, 3-way stretch fabric

  • Holds baby securely and maintains lower extremity flexion with its patented pouch design

  • Supports the shoulders in flexion with wide wings that encourage hand to mouth self-regulating behaviors

  • Breathes and wicks moisture away from the skin, making it ideal for agitated babies or those with NAS

  • Supports lines and tubing through strategically placed openings between the pouch and wings

  • Aids in parental confidence in holding and feeding

  • Supports babies throughout hospitalisation, both in the NICU and in the well-baby nursery, with a wide range of available sizes

  • Ideal support accessory for Kangaroo Care

cozy cub and dandle wrap stretch in use
cozy cub in use


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